“Time”less Pieces


Time is precious. We measure it in days, hours, minutes, seconds. We watch the years go by as our children grow and learn. We look back and wonder where time went. There’s no stopping it and we sure can’t rewind it.

We seem fascinated by it and in today’s world we’re always racing against it. How many of us say we wish we had more time in our day. Or wish we were 20 years younger. It’s inevitable, time passes!

Out of our need to track time have come some beautiful clocks, watches, and timepieces that in some cases become heirlooms. Clock gears can be re-imagined and transformed into elegant art pieces or jewelry.

Watch parts with red glass
Vintage pocket watch parts and 15 jewel body (from the early 1900’s) are the focal of this piece with Czech glass flower beads on approx 20″ brass chain. This can be found at https://squareup.com/store/stormcloudhills/


compact             compact 2

Stunning antique ladies compact with original mirror is resin sealed on both sides with watch gears, charms & pretty papers on brass chain loaded with glass, jasper, agate and carved soapstone beads. Approx 26″. Focal is approx 2 x 2″ closed, can be worn open or closed.  https://squareup.com/store/stormcloudhills/

Lucys Locket
Brass locket filled w vintage photo, small key, pocket-watch gears, tiny faux pearls and more with etched agate beads on 22″ brass chain. https://squareup.com/store/stormcloudhills/


Do you have an old pocket watch around that doesn’t work anymore but means something to you? Do you have your grandfather’s or father’s pocket watch in a box on the top shelf of your closet? Here is a way to wear it, show it off, and share their story each time someone comments on your beautiful piece of jewelry. Robin, with Storm Cloud Hills, is a master at taking your special pieces and breathing new life into them. Visit her web site or Etsy store to contact her and your collaboration can begin right away. It is always her honor to take precious family pieces and make them the focal point of a custom work of art.



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