Grandfather TimeWell I’ve expanded my footprint with a web site. “” will be the main hub with the link to the blog as one of the pages.

It seems to show up different when you look at it on a computer v. a mobile device. For some reason it is keeping one of the template photos when you look at it on a cell phone.

The piece I have shown here is Grandfather Time and is still available at

I absolutely love it and would love to see someone add it to their collection!

Another feature on the web site will be a “dog a day”. I will be highlighting shelter dogs looking for their forever homes. I will make sure and pick pets from across the United States, so no matter where you’re viewing the page from you might find a spot light pet in your area. There are so many great rescue groups, shelters, and other organizations trying to help find these lost souls a home. Make sure you do your part and spay/neuter your pet to help with the overpopulation problem.

This is Clancy, our first dog of the day. He is a really cool looking standard poodle! He is 2 years old and loves people. He is located in Nebraska at the Good Dog Rescue near Lincoln, NE. They are always looking for families interested in fostering as well.


Please use the link below if you have questions about Clancy or any of their other available dogs.

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