Escape Winter on Sanibel Island


Escape your winter blues on the sunny beaches of Sanibel Island off the coast of Florida. I wish I could head there and leave these dreary days behind. Sanibel Island is accessed by a 3 mile long causeway. This causeway spans San Carlos Bay and takes you to an island that is designed for relaxation.


Timing is Everything for Shell Collecting on Sanibel

Low-tide is your best bet for shell hunting anywhere on Sanibel Island. Regardless of what beach you decide to visit, more beach area opens up at lower tides. Low-tide also exposes more shells that may have washed in with the fast currents in the area. During both the late autumn season as well as throughout winter, tides on Sanibel are more extreme, thus bringing in and exposing more shells. The more dramatic a low tide is, the better. Make sure you research when low-tide will occur before visiting Sanibel so you can maximize your shell hunting experience.

The best time to collect shells on Sanibel is 1 1/2 hours before and after low tide. The best days for shell hunting fall on full moons and new moons.


sanibel island necklace

Shells collected on Sanibel island, hand-wrapped in reclaimed copper wire with sea-glass beads on 20″ copper chain.

250 kinds of shells, 230 kinds of birds, 15 miles of beaches, and 0 traffic lights!



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