Garnet – a rainbow of colors

When I hear the word garnet I think of the deep red or burgundy color that aligns with the month of January. Garnet is the birthstone of January and is best known for it’s rich, red hues. I was surprised to find out that this gemstone comes in a variety of colors based on its mineral makeup.


garnet chemical makeup


A gift of garnet symbolizes friendship and trust. The Capricorn in your life will treasure their birthstone in any of the gemstone varieties.

garnet broach

Like this vintage mother-of-pearl & garnet broach, with key sealed in resin. The chain hangs about mid-chest at 20″ long. This is a piece that is available at


thWLX2NLM0 th.jpg

Your element: Earth
Your ruling planets: Saturn
Symbol: The Goat
Your stone: Garnet
Life Pursuit: To be proud of their achievements
Vibration: Poweful resilient energy

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