First Lady Jewels

As we approach President’s day I thought it would be fun to reflect on jewelry worn by some of our First Ladies.


This is Jaqueline Kennedy’s emerald engagement ring. Beautiful!

Michelle+Obama+Collar+Necklace+Diamond+Collar+gYGkgZOf1PZl (2)

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Michelle Obama has such beautiful fashion sense. Always graceful and not afraid to go bold.


Pearls have always been a favorite of our First Ladies as well. I’m definitely a fan!


Whether it’s a single strand or bold and beautiful multi-strands pearls are timeless and always in fashion.

barbara-bush-senior-wearing-pearl-necklaceFirst Lady Jacqueline Kennedy laughs as her son John Kennedy Jr. plays with her simulated-pearl necklace in White House

Everyday people elevated to celebrities and yet just like us. These ladies are watched, scrutinized, and judged for everything they do. Setting trends merely by selecting clothing or jewelry puts another layer of pressure on them as America’s first lady. It’s smart to remember they are strong, independent women who enhance their beauty by selecting pieces that make them confident and help them shine. Don’t be afraid to make your own statement!



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